Strategi Awarded Best HR Consultancy 2020 at the Midlands Enterprise Awards

Strategi Solutions has once again demonstrated that through the turmoil of 2020 nothing can hold it back, as it takes home the award for Best HR Consultancy at the Midlands Enterprise Awards.

Founded by Wendy Dean, formerly a HR professional and now a culture change guru, Strategi offers a whole new approach to business services that centres around people. Five years on, armed with a team of almost 20 with capabilities spanning Marketing, Creative, Safety, Talent and Learning, HR remains at the core of the business.

Since the beginning, the HR team has worked closely with organisations across a range of sectors, most successfully building a strong rapport in the transport industry offering corporate HR with longstanding clients including EV Cargo, Courier Facilities Limited and more recently partnering with Tuffnells Parcels.

At the other end of the spectrum Strategi proves to be versatile, effortless in its transition to supporting other needs and necessities. A notably proud moment was supplying Palletforce with an extensive and successful culture change programme, Wendy’s chosen speciality.

Managing Director, Rob Fisher has been a crucial member of the HR team since joining in 2016, with Wendy often joking that Rob knows everything that anyone could ever need to, and never need to know when it comes to HR. Rob added,

 “To be awarded for the work that we do every day is an honour. To be considered the best in the Midlands is even better. We work hard to ensure that the service that we provide is second to none, by submerging ourselves into clients businesses we offer more than a more holistic approach than a traditional service. We are the go-to across entire businesses, there colleagues and their confidants. We are there to make a difference, and we always do.”

When promoted to Managing Director from Director of HR Services at the beginning of 2020, Rob intended on taking a step back from some of his clients, however over the past months it has been evident that the relationships that he built with them throughout his time as Director of HR remains valued, it has seen him swiftly jump head first back into his former roles activities, supporting and guiding clients through both good and more challenging times of late.

As the business continues to grow rapidly, the HR department has seen Jonathan Nicholls promoted into a new role as People Services Manager, lending his past experience in talent acquisition and studies in law to the industry, supporting the current team and taking ownership of a number of new and well-established and new clients. Wendy went on to say,

“Being able to promote from within has been a huge accomplishment for Strategi. It is fantastic to know that the HR team that I have on board share the same vision that I have for the company and are as committed to ensuring that we do a stellar job. Hopefully, we will go on to win many more awards for the work that we do in the industry. This is only the beginning!”

During the pandemic, Strategi has landed three major, long-term contracts, proving the power of pushing through even the most difficult times in order to grow. Whilst the firm helps their clients, in return the clients will help Strategi to grow in the future, creating more jobs and improving profit margins. As it looks forward to a busy and productive period, Strategi continues to seek businesses that they can work with which complement their own, in order to expand their portfolio to suit even more client needs.

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