Strategi Solutions reflects on a successful 6 months for Talent

Strategi Talent is revolutionising the jobs market by working to find the perfect match for both employer and employee.

Instead of simply waiting for opportunities to open up, the service consistently builds relationships with potential applicants, so it can step in with a match soon as the right vacancy comes along.

The approach means that not only are candidates paired with the job of their dreams, businesses benefit from the expertise of individuals who naturally put their heart and soul into their work.

Talent Resourcing Executive Jonathan Nicholls said the service hopes to help firms realise that building a team can be a labour of love.

He said: “Clients have been impressed with the fact that we are not pushy and are open and honest, we take the time to advise and consult.

“We are also very clear with our convictions. ‘Hoping’ for the best is not the service we want to give our clients; we want to deliver it.

“Candidates are equally keen on our straightforward approach – if we can’t help someone then we will tell them, rather than string them along.

“Those that we can help we treat as a person, not a number.”

Strategi Talent was launched this year (2019) by Strategi Solutions in Newcastle under Lyme. The new, bespoke, recruitment arm of the business complements existing services offered by the business such as HR and Marketing support.

Jonathan and his colleagues have already placed candidates in a wide spectrum of industries including manufacturing, logistics and technology for clients ranging from SMEs to global organisations.

Instead of a fixed menu of services, Strategi Talent brings about boutique solutions and can help businesses with something as simple as drawing up a job spec to carrying out a full recruitment campaign.

It differs from traditional agencies because it has no targets, and therefore no ulterior motive for filling a vacancy. This prevents the background pressure to ‘make a candidate’ fit a role, even if this candidate might not be the right person for the job.

Strategi Talent also acts as a single point of contact, cutting out endless phone calls from multiple agencies, allowing our clients to focus on their daily job, taking the stress and worry away.

Coupled with a vast wealth of experience in the Strategi Talent team, the techniques have already seen an 5% increase in turnover despite the service only being six months old.

Jonathan said: “Strategi Talent has not come about by accident. We know that recruitment generally gets thrown at HR departments because it is ‘to do with people’.

“As a result, HR contacts go out to agency which can be unappealing because they are often sold to at every opportunity, still do a lot of the work themselves and then pay for the privilege.

 “We want our clients to want to speak to us, not to dread having to get in touch. We don’t sell, we support and guide. We have the best interests of the client and candidates at the heart of everything we do.”

Earlier this year, Strategi Talent held a candidate open day to reach out to those looking to start or further their careers.

Strategi Solutions CEO, Wendy Dean, said Strategi Talent is now working to enhance the services it provides to employers as well as develop niche support for college and university leavers.

She said: “Recruitment services shouldn’t play gooseberry. We are the guiding hand that can help good working relationships to blossom.

“The first six months of Strategi Talent have been a fantastic success and the next six months will be equally exciting as we look at ways of bridging the gap from education to employment. We will also focus on helping businesses solve the issue of hard to fill roles.

“The sky is the limit for Strategi Talent, our clients and candidates.”

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