Strategi Solutions supports local North Staffordshire-based charity aiding young people leaving the care system

Symmetrical North Staffs aims to provide support and guidance to those leaving the care system in and around North Staffordshire, helping them gain independence and fundamental life skills, whilst also allowing them to grow and learn into respectable young adults.

Having supported the charity in September 2021 through a charity walk completed by Strategi’s Managing Director, Rob Fisher, Strategi Solutions has now chosen Symmetrical as their charity of the year, aiming to help the charity grow and broaden its reach to further support young care leavers.

Alongside Strategi’s ongoing commitment to supporting the local community, the company’s decision to support such an important cause was finalised after seeing a recent survey taken in Winter 2021, showing real-life findings from interviews involving young care leavers, and how they handle stepping out into the world.

According to the report, more than a third of care leavers felt that they left care too early, many care leavers felt ‘alone’ or ‘isolated’, with no understanding of how to find help for mental health and emotional well-being, and some care leavers said they did not find out about their rights until they were already in serious difficulties. Symmetrical North Staffs helps to combat this by surrounding young people with support, values, skills, knowledge, and life experience, providing fundamental ‘stepping stones to independence’.

To help support the cause, increase donations, and rise awareness of this charity, Strategi Solutions have already made important headway by creating a brand new website that allows donators to read up on the charity and what they do to better the lives of young care-leavers, and most importantly to donate to the charity through weekly, monthly, yearly, or one-off payments. Alongside this, Strategi has also given the Symmetrical North Staffs social media a fresh new look, with newly designed logos, graphics, banners, and full support on social scheduling and posting to allow further reach and exposure of the charity.

Rob Fisher said “After supporting the charity during my Atlantic coast challenge last year, I couldn’t be more proud to continue to support Symmetrical North Staffs as our charity of 2022.

With the turmoil of COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis we’re facing today, it’s imperative that young care leavers get the support they need to allow them to properly prepare for their adult lives. We’re determined to offer our full support and guidance to allow Symmetrical North Staffs to gain the traction and exposure they need to help the lives of our youth of today.”

Anyone looking to give to Symmetrical North Staffs can visit their website or click here to donate.

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