Strategi Solutions Group partner with council at leisure site

Strategi Solutions Group has been awarded a contract to generate income from advertising opportunities at the Jubilee2 Leisure Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

Following the success of the appointment to sell outdoor media across the borough on behalf of the Council in February 2016, Strategi Solutions Group were perfectly placed to be awarded this contract.

Commencing October 2019 Strategi Solutions will be selling advertising space on digital screens within the thriving leisure centre to local business, all income generated is split with the council looking to reinvest their share in leisure services.

Lyn Rowe, Commercial Director at Strategi Solutions Group, said: “We have already seen great success from our first initiative with the Council on outdoor advertising and we are looking forward to repeating that success with the work we will undertake at Jubilee2.

“The leisure centre is a fantastic site which has more than 3,000 active members and around 12,000 visits each week by people using the facilities. We will be giving advertisers the opportunity to get in front of this market by utilising the plasma screens all around the building to tell the visitors about some great local businesses and the goods and services they have to offer.

“It is another exciting initiative by our company and we are confident it will be a great success.”

As well as generating income from advertising opportunities on the digital screens in Jubilee2 through its agreement with Strategi Solutions Group, the Council also intends to bolster sponsorship opportunities to further support the development of their leisure plan.

An action plan has been drawn up to revitalise the Council’s popular Jubilee2 leisure complex. A three-pronged proposal aims to tackle a budget deficit, improve income through more effective marketing and deal with outstanding building defects.

The building has been open for seven years and boasts a range of facilities which include swimming pools, climbing walls, a health suite, gym and three studios.

Cllr. Mark Holland, Cabinet member for leisure, culture and heritage, said: “We intend to tackle these issues head-on and have worked really hard to come up with a range of measures which will put Jubilee2 in a much stronger position to continue providing high quality leisure services to many thousands of people in our borough.

“We have a solid record of achievement with Strategi on another project and if this initiative can be as successful then I will be delighted.

If you want to speak to Strategi about the opportunities to advertise at Jubilee2 then please get in touch with Ange Hopwood on 01782 969 444 or e-mail [email protected]

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