Award Winning Business Consultancy Appointed To Take Iconic Potteries ‘Gluggle Jug’ To The Next Level

In an industry where the pandemic is having a major impact on production and sales, one small nugget of positivity can be found in the iconic, quirky, and highly desirable pottery novelty item that is ‘The Gluggle Jug’. Manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent by Wade Ceramics, this charming accessory to any home is fast earning almost celebrity status as it’s regularly seen gracing the tables of the rich and famous, on TV in the kitchens of Saturday morning chefs and even on the front covers of international magazines.

Aligned with its recent growth in popularity, Wade Ceramics has appointed Newcastle-under-Lyme based, award-winning business consultancy, Strategi Solutions to support the next steps of The Gluggle Jug’s journey to take this iconic and quintessentially Great British brand to a wider market. Commenting on the appointment, Paul Farmer OBE and Managing Director of Wade Ceramics said,

“We’re particularly proud of our wide and varied product range, but The Gluggle Jug is one that we’re especially fond of and one that truly represents everything that Wade are about. We have seen a rise it its popularity recently, particularly in foreign markets and we’re confident that, with a little push we can take our sales growth to the next level and beyond.

“It’s no secret that the recent pandemic is having a massive impact on our industry and the region in which we trade, but we’re a great believer in the fact that, when one door closes, another opens and we’re delighted to see a renewed interest in The Gluggle Jug – one that presents us with a golden opportunity to take this fabulously British product to a broader and more receptive market.

“We’ve been working with Strategi Solutions in recent months to assemble a new brand identity for The Gluggle Jug and creating a robust go-to-market plan that promotes the core values of the product and exposes it to a much wider audience.”

Talking about the appointment, Paul Parry, Sales & Marketing Director of Strategi said,

“We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the contract by Paul and the team at Wade Ceramics and are all looking forward to working on this massively exciting project. The Gluggle Jug is steeped in history and is a product that we know has mass appeal, especially in markets where originality and quirkiness are key factors.

“The challenge to take a product with so much heritage and history and create a marketing strategy and rebrand that envelopes its core values is one that we’ve relished. Strategi is already a big fan of The Gluggle Jug – we have over 30 of them in our headquarters already – so to be afforded the opportunity to be a part its future growth is one that excites us tremendously.

“Although it will take a little more time before we begin the execution of the strategic plan, already we’re seeing the fruits of our labour as our fabulous design concepts are approved.”

The Original Gluggle Jug was first manufactured by Thomas Forester & Son in Staffordshire in the late 1870’s and, having spent a short time being made and distributed in Dartmouth in Devon, has been back home in The Potteries as a part of the Wade Ceramics portfolio since the early 2000’s.

The Gluggle Jug is currently sold worldwide through a small number of appointed and approved distributors, details of which can be found on the Wade Ceramics website.

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