FREE Mental Health Awareness Webinar for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

It’s been a tough year for us all and it’s no secret that many have suffered with mental health issues more so than ever before. So, as a responsible business owner or a manager of people, how do you ensure that your employees are happy, safe and protected and, if they’re not, that they know what to do and where to go to seek help?

Awareness is the key. Knowing what to look out for, spotting early symptoms of something untoward, being aware of changes in behaviour are all elements of looking out for each other. This can be a challenge in the best of times, keeping on top of this via a laptop or phone screen can be even harder.

The fact is that ¼ of us will suffer with mental health issues in our life. It’s normal. At Strategi we’re taking a stand against the stigma of poor mental health in the workplace, amongst colleagues and amongst friends, breaking the barriers that surround it and focusing on three core topics – awareness, understanding and communication.

On Tuesday 11th May, Strategi is hosting a FREE virtual Mental Health Awareness webinar, led by our expert and qualified Safety and Development Director. This two-hour long event will provide attendees with a basic but robust understanding of mental health, common mental health issues that are faced in the workplace, and how to notice these issues in yourself and in those around you.

The team at Strategi have all completed a Level 3 Mental Health First Aid Training and believe that the benefits are invaluable, so we want you to feel the same. Sharing is caring after all!

To book yourself and/or your team members onto this event, please click here.

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