Strategi Solutions is delighted to be shortlisted for the UK Company Culture Awards

With people and partnership at the heart of the organisation, Strategi Solutions is incredibly proud to be announced as a finalist at the UK Company Culture Awards in the ‘Next Generation Initiative’ category.

Made up of a diverse crew, all passionate about finding new ways of telling stories through extraordinary imagination, exceptional creativity, rigorous research, and unique solutions.

Recently turning its attention to an ageing senior leadership team, succession planning has become a key part of ensuring the future of Strategi remains bright. Working to employ passionate, younger individuals, offering them long-term careers with progression and clear benefits, Strategi has formed the ‘StratStars’ initiative.

The initiative initially identified members of the team, all in relevant roles, and with clear ambitions to be on the Board. Each team member was qualified but had no experience to take on those roles yet. The programme was curated to empower, reward, and provide clear development opportunities, marking Strategi as an employer of choice for future employees and securing their future as a business.

On being shortlisted, Rob Fisher, Managing Director said, “Being at Strategi from the beginning, it’s been a journey that I am so proud of. This initiative ensures we constantly develop and grow our talent and become an employer of choice in the local area. Being shortlisted for this award allows us to raise awareness of the importance of harnessing local talent and futureproofing your business too.”

Wendy Dean, CEO added “After working in so many large organisations I knew exactly what we didn’t need to do when I envisioned Strategi, and with such a great team we have worked together to cultivate something that I have never seen anywhere else. Every person in this business shares my vision, my passion, and my drive for the future of this organisation, and I know that through both good and bad they stand here with me. This Award would mean more than you can imagine to us all.”

By fostering this employee-first environment, Strategi is more than an organisation. Strategi is a feeling, an emotion and a collective.

An unbreakable unit, each individual’s loyalty, love and genuine care for the business shines through in their everyday actions. By investing in building a culture that encourages each person to grow, learn and be supported down any path they choose to take, Strategi has created a hybrid of diverse individuals whom all share a common goal.

Winning this award would cement the culture that has been developed over the past 7 years, supporting efforts to continue to develop and grow for many years to come.

Put simply, Strategi Solutions help businesses perform better, but in reality, is so much more than that.

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