Strategi Solutions partners with Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce to deliver training for local businesses

Award-winning Newcastle-under-Lyme based business consultancy, Strategi Solutions, has announced their recent partnership with the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce to deliver interactive, practical and engaging training courses, led by Strategi’s’ Head of Learning and Development, Helen Bailey, and People Services Consultant Emily Morley.

Established over 200 years ago, the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce was created to increase opportunities for the people of Stoke-on-Trent and it’s surrounding areas, promote healthy business relations, and ensure there is a voice for businesses both small and large in the community.

To support the businesses in the local area to better understand the fundamentals of managing people within a workplace, Strategi has partnered with the Chamber to deliver four 3-hour sessions where participants will deep dive into topics from recruitment to growth retention.

Built around Strategi’s model of REALITY learning, the courses are designed as interactive and engaging sessions where participants learn in a practical, hands on way, allowing them to build on what they already know, as opposed to simply feeding the information with little hope of retaining the knowledge.

Helen Bailey, Head of Learning and Development at Strategi Solutions, said, “To be able to share our knowledge and experience with local businesses is an amazing opportunity, not only because we’re helping towards our community and aiding growth in our local area, but also because our sessions will begin peoples’ journeys into better understanding the best practice of HR within a workplace, something incredibly important in any business environment.”

“I’m proud to be working alongside Strategi’s People Services Consultant and HR Specialist Emily, who will provide participants with additional insight into the world of HR. With Emily’s input, we’re able to offer our very best service and answer any in-depth questions participants may have”

Each event is free to attend and takes place at Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce. Dates and topics include…

27/01/2023 – Getting the best out of recruitment

27/02/2023 – Retaining for growth

14/04/2023 – Creating a conducive culture

24/05/2023 – Engaging through organisation success

For more information or to book yourself and/or your team members into this event, get in touch with [email protected].

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