The importance of social visibility

Written by Jane Oliver, Finance Manager.

For me, the more invisible I am, the better. As anyone who knows me would tell you, I cringe at photos and the thought of socialising is a ‘how can I get out of it first’ thought. If you took a look at my social media accounts, the only thing you’ll find on there is tumbleweed.

But the tides are changing, and in the modern world social media presence is key, as a business and as an employee. As a business you need to have a story, made up of your people, product and happy clients at the end. Prospective clients will take out their big spy glass and they’ll check the company name, the reviews, the team, the culture, the quality of service, before they’ll even get in touch. And it’s not just clients, it new recruits too. It’s an applicant’s market at the moment, and if your social presence isn’t living up to the other recruiters out there, you might miss out on some really special CV’s and potential employees.

As a part of the Strategi family, and it’s a great family I have to say, it’s time I did my social bit. But the problem is, I’m naturally someone who hides in the shadow, I’m happy there. Posting on social media fills me with dread, just the thought of stepping into the virtual spotlight and I break in to a cold sweat, you might as well ask me to get on a stage and sing to a crowd.

So, I read all the info, I self-diagnosed myself with a new condition, balanced out the pros and cons of writing, and as the pros far outweighed the cons, I took on the advice and acted. Sort of.

Here’s how I got here…

Step 1

I calmed the evil woodpecker that tapped at my head until I couldn’t think straight, with a family sized packed of crisps, chocolate and a large gin. Then I relaxed and quietened my inner demons – overthinking, can’t do it, self confidence – they growled from the depths of my stomach (to be fair, these may have just been the aftereffects of my nervous snacking).

Step 2

Found a topic to write about – it came to me in a flash, I’m not an expert on Design or Marketing like some of the others in my team, but I am an expert on Strategi. As the first time is the hardest, I chose to focus on social posting – my biggest fear.

Step 3

Get someone else to check my words. My beautifully scripted words might to someone else be the ramblings of a mad person. They will check if its appropriate – so that will stop overthinking once again raising its ugly head.

Step 4

Actually post – OK, this is the toughest one. I can type to my heart’s content to no audience but what’s the point in that. So, I’m getting help on this one! (Thanks team, you know who you are)

Step 5

Don’t worry about it after its posted – as I see it, my post will be a drop in the ocean, not even a ripple! Any engagement is welcomed, but I will not stress about it.

Step 6

Be proud – I will have added a little bit to the Strategi story. I don’t have the pressure on me that this could land the next big client, we have an amazing marketing team to do that!

If this helps one person take the plunge, and realise that they have something valuable to say, my job here is done. If like me, this is out of your comfort zone, or social media takes up more time than it should, don’t struggle, do as I did and speak to our Erin ([email protected]), she can help build your personal brand, and brand awareness for your business with the support of our incredible team.

Biased yes, but our clients will vouch for this too.

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