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On the cusp of something great The Foundation for Education Development (FED) approached us with a need – international recognition and support to influence a long-term plan for education in England. Of course, we wanted in! We had to curate a plan to engage numerous stake holders, and develop a brand synonymous with their ambitions, but not traditional to education. Working closely with the team, we worked to understand their needs, reasons, and purpose, aligning our recommendations and actions to their desired outcome. 

Since 2020, FED has become an internationally recognised foundation with support from some of the biggest, most influential names in education. A brand identity, website, marketing strategy, event management and social media community engagement – to sum it up, we’ve done the lot to ensure they were best placed for recognition and success. Passionate about the cause, the team are aligned with the intentions of the foundation which makes the project a joy to work on.

Website: fed.education

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