Recticel Insulation

Winners of the European Safety Award, a huge achievement.

About the project



With a clear need to address their health and safety, the team we’re delighted to support with a full range of health and safety, fire and first aid courses. An initial, major project was an ISO 14001 internal to help in the transition from the old 2004 standard to the new 2015 standard.

The team visited the site to identify what support they needed, we went on to design bespoke courses to fit the needs of the organisation and after implementing continued to visit the site, at times running overnight courses to ensure all necessary staff were trained.

For their ISO accreditation we worked out an audit plan and now complete a programme of audits to ensure continuing improvement of their Environmental Management System. This includes completion and supply of the audit checklists and an audit report after each audit.

With our support the site achieved transition to ISO14001:2015 in 2016 and as certification takes place on a 3 yearly basis has achieved recertification in 2019. We deliver 1 day a month training on numerous subjects and topics and additionally deliver various accredited courses on an annual basis. The client has now gone on to win the European Safety Award for the company, a huge achievement for Recticel Insulation, but also for Strategi too.

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Recticel Insulation


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