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Bringing uniformity across the City Learning Trust and its Academies

About the project



We were given the task to update the current branding, design a new website and produce an interactive handbook to help teaching staff document their progress throughout the academic year. It was instructed that the feel of the website and all collateral should promote a ‘nurturing, wholesome growth’ image, and must celebrate the profession of teaching.

Sensitive adjustments to the established logo were introduced alongside a new typeface and a slight softening of the colour palette. A ‘Professional Growth Journal’ was designed incorporating tabbed dividers to allow quick access to leading sections resulting in a comprehensive learning and development document for the teaching and support staff to complete and update their progress throughout the year. The website design is clean, easy to navigate and makes excellent use of the brand colours and shapes. Its use is aimed at teachers primarily followed parents and students.

Maximising the shapes and colours from the updated brand produced a fantastic visual result. We also bought uniformity into documents and literature across the City Learning Trust Academies which all links to the new streamlined website which is constantly evolving with a Virtual CLT currently in development

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