Dougie Mac Retail (DMR)

Developing the culture to move from blame to gain and experience a sense of achievement, pleasure and excitement

About the project



The Voluntary Sector offers great challenges for L&D and the Management of Dougie Mac Retail took a trail blazer decision to provide a Management Development experience for all the shop managers involved in their retail network.

Working closely with the management lead from DMR to create a programme that was both developmental and talent enhancing. Led by Anni Hollings the programme explored with the retail staff to identify the skills, knowledge and key attributes of the Dougie Mac Professional Manager Portfolio; the Dougie Mac Retail Service Story – getting behind and in front of the journey; with a focus on developing the culture to move from blame to gain and experience a sense of achievement, pleasure and excitement in new opportunities to succeed, and developing the skills and capabilities to benefit from giving and receiving feedback so that feedback becomes a solution generating experience. There were a series of 1-day events held at Strategi Solutions which the delegates loved:

• Developing the DMR Manager Portfolio
• From Blame to Gain
• Giving and Receiving Feedback
• Developing the DMR Story

This was a very interesting learning and development experience as the range of experiences that the delegates were bringing to the events were extremely wide. Some had held senior management positions before moving to the voluntary sector, others had no formal training and development. The dynamics in the sessions were electric and the discussions challenging and highly constructive. Covid-19 meant that we still have to complete the program but the opportunities to support this innovative and progressive charity have and continue to be been fascinating and beneficial for both parties.

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