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“Wendy Dean is an incredibly talented executive, entrepreneur and leader.  She made an invaluable contribution to the creation of EV Cargo with highly efficient and well-delivered change management programmes, as well as her wise and considered counsel.  And she’s great fun to work with.”

“Strategi Solutions has been a long-serving value-adding partner to EmergeVest, across our portfolio and in particular at EV Cargo.  They provide professional, well-organised and creative programmes that have helped us achieve our strategic objectives.” Heath Zarin, Founder, Chair & CEO


The leading supply chain and logistics distribution network in the UK, and rapidly growing, EV Cargo had huge increases in staff numbers and responsibilities, but no guidance on how to engage, reward and enthuse them. 

We knew we could apply our blueprint five-step culture change model, but we needed the decision makers to be on board and prepared to make the changes we recommended. Luckily, they trusted our judgement and now reap the rewards.


Both employees and distributers feel valued and rewarded. They have a clear, shared ambition with the organisation, and this has led to the business being able to continue to grow at speed. Surveys, Employee Champions, and Awards Evenings all ensure that the organisation moves forward with the people within it in mind.

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