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Operating since 1881, Heywoods Estate Agents are one of Staffordshire’s most loved and most recognisable organisations. With no brief, no idea what they were looking for, and full trust in our hands, we took the opportunity to curate something unlike anything else in the marketplace. Although brand loyalty was high amongst those who had used Heywoods before, attracting new customers was a clear ambition.

After a lengthy discovery process to determine how we could re-ignite this brand, we explored the concept of anthropomorphism and how this could fit with the different personalities that customers of the business take on. Allowing individuals the opportunity to decide which animal they connected with the most, and therefore which one would be outside their home grew personal connections with the brand that previously didn’t exist.

Over time, these animals became the face of Heywoods, literally, and of course the talk of the town too. Wherever you looked, another wild animal was stood proud on the streets, with people whispering the million-dollar question…Well, which one are you?

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