St Edward’s Church of England Academy

Generating interest for new intakes at St Edward’s Church of England Academy

About the project



We were asked to come up a with a campaign to generate interest for the 2021 new intake for St Edward’s Church of England Academy. This was to tie into their virtual open day, they were looking for ideas to make this a success.

After meeting with the team, we discussed options to create a microsite that hosted a suite of videos, alongside giving parents the option to register for the event. This would also tie in with the virtual event and would make it easy for parents to gain relevant information and a feel for the Academy. Alongside this we recommended a suite of new photos and videos to be taken around the school to help support the campaign.

The final outcome of the campaign was all about the childs future and the play on words ‘Their future in your hands’ playing on ‘your’ and ‘our’ future. We spent a day on a photoshoot and recording various classroom settings that would sit within the custom built microsite. This also led to us creating a series of supporting materials from leaflets, posters, banners, a social campaign and a follow up pack.

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