Valentine Clays

Embedding ourselves into a local organisation to resolve all people related issues 

About the project




A successful, local organisation with deep roots in Stoke-on-Trent with a passionate team – this doesn’t mean people related issues and changes will never arise. Valentine Clays needed an organisation at the other end of the phone to handle these situations with confidence, ease, and with minimal disruption to the wider organisation. Oh, and they needed someone to lean on for marketing support too…

Introducing us! Strategi works as an extension to the business, like an internal HR team we pick up, handle, and resolve all things people, but we also work with their internal marketing team as a sounding board, extra pair of hands, and ideas generator as they so need it. Of course, to most it makes no sense, but we know it works.


Day to day issues are resolved before they have the chance to become a bigger problem, employees know exactly who to turn to for HR, and whenever the organisation needs someone on sight, we’re there in a flash (not literally, but you know what we mean). Whenever the marketing team has a new campaign or idea – we’re on hand to get involved, whether that be design, copywriting, ad placement, you name it.

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