Gluggle Jug

Re-igniting an age-old product into a millennial must-have 

About the project


Creative, Marketing


A once iconic product now lost in a sea of fakes, wannabes, and let’s be honest, offensive replicas. Diluting what was once iconic and desirable, the Gluggle Jug had lost its way, lost its place in the market, and lost its audience. 

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we knew brand awareness was key. With distributers across the world, we needed to first execute a re-brand and create a central point where people could purchase the product, find out more about the brand, and find their nearest store before deep diving into a digital launch including some sophisticated social media targeting, influencer campaigns, and media coverage.


As they say, good things come to those who wait, and after years of not hitting the mark, working with us Gluggle Jug finally got the recognition and international accolade they had long hoped for. UGC, influencer campaigns and targeted ads meant that orders came flooding into the e-commerce website. Distributors were also armed with refreshed, bold POS to feel the love too. A win-win!

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