We provide innovative solutions to elevate your business. Through actionable strategies, we’re committed to building partnerships and delivering impact. At Strategi, everything’s possible.

Depending on the size of your business and the support you require, we can help with any of the following services:


People are at the core of your business. With a proven approach, we can guide you through the process of aligning your people strategy to your business strategy. In an ever-changing work environment it’s important to ensure you are legally compliant.


Talent brings out the very best in people. With industry leading advice and a passionate understanding of the market we use a fresh approach to matching firms with the perfect candidates.


Learning is a constant process of discovery. We’re passionate about coaching people to achieve their full potential. With a wealth of knowledge, we can train and develop your team to help you excel.


Safety starts with an understanding. It’s imperative that your business is at the forefront of standards in H&S compliance. With fully credited experts at hand, we can advise on the steps you need to take.


Creative lives where first impressions count. Through innovation comes striking design that builds a brand. Our design team can craft a vision for your business, putting it at the forefront of creativity.


Marketing begins with an acknowledgment of your audience. With a bold approach, we create lasting impact. Our full-service marketing team can implement a strategy that communicates to your audience, increasing recognition and sales.

A Staffordshire based business consultancy. Strategi is committed to building partnerships and delivering on impact.

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Experts in People, Talent, Learning, Safety, Creative and Marketing, we’re here to provide innovative solutions. We’ll consider every possibility to inform actionable strategies that elevate your business.

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