The upcoming general election: Are you prepared for the potential changes within the employment landscape?

On Wednesday, 22nd May 2024, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a General Election scheduled for 4th July 2024 potentially resulting in a change in Government. This blog outlines anticipated changes in the employment landscape should Labour win the election and advises employers on preparing to respond.

On January 1st of this year, the Labour party published an article titled ‘A New Deal for Working People’, outlining their employment plans if they assume power in the upcoming election. Their Employment Rights Green Paper, available for download as a PDF on the Labour Party website, starts by explaining that from day one, the intention is to strengthen workers’ rights. While the Labour party believes that its vision will make Britain the best place to work, employers must understand their intentions should they secure victory in the election.

Some of the changes include:

  • Day One Rights – Labour intends to grant all workers’ rights from their first day on the job. This means they would abolish the qualifying period for basic rights, such as, the 2 years required to claim unfair dismissal. Other qualifying periods that would be eliminated include those for sick pay and parental leave.
  • Single Status of Worker – Currently, there are three categories of workers: employee, worker and self-employed. Labour intends to create a single status of worker for all apart from the genuinely self-employed. This would mean all workers would be afforded the same basic rights and protection such as sick pay and holiday pay.
  • Banning Zero Hour Contracts – Labour intends to ban zero hour contracts and contracts without a minimum number of guaranteed hours.
  • Outlawing Fire and Rehire – Labour intends to improve information and consultation procedures and further plans to adapt unfair dismissal and redundancy legislation to prevent workers being dismissed for not agreeing to a contract with worse conditions.
  • The Right to Switch Off – Labour intends to prevent working from home turning into 24/7 offices by introducing a right to disconnect from work outside of working hours.
  • Stronger Family Friendly Rights – Labour intends to extend Statutory Maternity Leave and Statutory Paternity Leave, as well as strengthen protection for pregnant women.
  • Trade Unions – Labour intends to empower workers to organise collectively through Trade Unions and simplify the process of union recognition.

While there are various other areas outlined in the Green Paper, these examples highlight the significant changes that could lie ahead. Employers must understand these changes and be ready to proactively respond in how they manage their business.

If the Labour Party is unsuccessful, the Conservative Party already has plans for changes in many areas.

Strategi Solutions can help support your HR requirements. Feel free to contact us to explore how we can assist your business in preparing for the future.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are sourced from the Labour Employee Rights Green Paper and do not necessarily reflect the views of our business.

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